Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake ( Song Review )

Ok so as of this date, this is currently the most popular song in the United States and I am not really sure why, but I am guessing the main reason would have something to do with money. It has been out for about two weeks now and has 4,471,668 plays on Spotify.

Musically the underline base structure of this song is an electronic bass riff that repeats for the entirety of the song. It has about 5 different notes and a 10 year old with a few music lessons could figure the melody in little time at all. Other then the bass riff, there are a few other melodic sounds on top, but the notes are somewhat similar to the main bass line.

The song has very little variation and it has the same tone through out the entire song. The tone is dry sounding and has very few musical highs and lows other then the vocals. The vocals are most dominating feature of the song. Rihanna is a good singer and she has good tone and is able to stay in the correct key. However her overall vocal tone is very stereotypical to current day contemporary pop music. Drake has a brief guest spot on this track and his vocal is tonally similar to Rihanna's vocal and has a similar message.

The subject matter of the song is a basic theme of someone making a lot of time for work and not making time for their love interest.

Overall this song is nothing to dramatic and is very low key and chill.


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